oh Christmas tree…

The countdown is on…I have three days left of school until I’m on break for a month! I’m so excited to be make patterns, build lots of projects and not have to worry about school assignments for a little while. I’m also really excited about getting ready for Christmas. Aric and I had a very “festive” weekend and we went to help his family pick out a Christmas tree.
This face is priceless
Aric searching for the perfect tree
This is Aric’s little brother Anthony, yes he is swinging a saw around…he is quite the ax man.
Anthony was pretty worn out after he finished cutting the tree.
Once the tree was cut, Anthony proceeded to run and carry the tree sideways back to the car. It was SO funny to watch.
Last picture of the trip was of Mr. Anderson and his very dapper self.
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2 thoughts on “oh Christmas tree…

  1. I am looking forward to you being home too.

  2. oh mr anderson. he slays me.

    ps I MISS YOU!

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